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The Judas Pledge - Book One in the Holy Poison Series

It is 1553 and the only concern on Bethany's mind is how to avoid a marriage to an impoverished but titled gentleman. She is the daughter of a wealthy merchant whose only aim is to find a title for her to marry. When she meets Lord Richard Summerville, she believes her prayers have been answered. He is wealthy, handsome and amiable and he offers her marriage in exchange for certain promises. One of those promises is that she give up her Protestant faith and follow his Catholic one.

England has been Protestant for many years and Bethany can remember nothing else. She does not believe Richard's assurances that Mary Tudor will succeed to the throne. Her eyes firmly fixed on the prize, it is easy to agree to his demands. But when Mary takes the throne and Bethany's Protestant friends and family are persecuted for their beliefs, she finds the struggle to support her Catholic husband to be impossible, despite having fallen deeply in love with him.

This is the first book in a series of six, available individually or as a boxed set.

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The Final Confession of Richard Summerville - Members only exclusive

This confession was written by Lord Richard Summerville just before his death in 1578.  He hid it away, as it was written to ease his conscience, not for the eyes of others. It was discovered in 1917 when the War Office took over Summerville Hall to use as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

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The Earl's Jealousy - Book One in The Elizabethans Series

When the four sons of the Earl of Melford attend the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I, the second son, Michael is enchanted with Lady Christine. He is disappointed to learn that she is the daughter of a duke and therefore far above him on the social scale. But when Michael's father and elder brother are both killed in an accident, he suddenly finds himself the Earl and able to ask for Christine.

He is told she has been keeping company with Edmund Carstairs, a very unsuitable young man, but Michael believes he can make her love him instead. He marries her and falls in love with her, but is never quite confident of her love for him, especially when Edmund Carstairs tells him his wife loves him and Michael has stolen her away.

When he sees his wife in the arms of Carstairs, he is devastated, but decides to let her go if that will make her happy. But he finds living without her too hard and sets out to find her with every intention of forgiving her. He is devastated to learn that he was wrong and it is unlikely she will ever forgive him.

This book is the first of a series of three.

The Second Wife

Charlotte Wallis is the eldest daughter of a wealthy merchant and when Lord Robin Eversley offers her marriage, she is thrilled, despite her suspicion that he wants a mother for his damaged daughter rather than a wife. He is handsome and caring and she soon falls in love with him. But he is the Earl only because his elder brother has been declared dead and when Eric returns to reclaim his title and estate, Robin must go to his smaller property some miles away to prepare it to receive his wife and children.

He does not want to leave Charlotte, but nobody realises then that the most devastating plague in English history is about to sweep through the land and as it does, stranding him miles away, he does not know if he will ever see her again.

This is the first of the Pestilence trilogy.


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Lord Malcolm's Last Moments - Member exclusive

Malcolm was the eldest Melford brother and the heir to the title and estates. He was killed in an accident along with his father, the Earl, before the story begins. What his brothers never knew was that Malcolm did not die with his father but lived long enough to realise his father was dead and he was now the Earl of Melford. But Malcolm had a task to perform before he could escape the scene and that task was to save something which was dear to him. He gave his life for that task, a fact nobody ever knew.

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